Guest Post by My Sister Kristen: The Adventures of a First Time Juice Cleanser

Today, I should hopefully be in Paris! I have waiting for this day for a long time and promise to take an annoying amount of pictures to share.

This post is by my baby sister, Kristen. Kristen became a vegetarian just a few months after I did. Neither one of us have eaten meat for over 8 years. She has been making attempts to try out veganism lately, and even attempted her first juice cleanse. I will let her describe how it went.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~kristen `Hi everyone! My name is Kristen and I am Angelina’s youngest sister. While she’s out exploring the world, she has asked me to write a guest blog, so here I am!

Anyone who knows my sister knows that she cares about health, yoga and a lot of good food. One adventurous day I decided that being a vegetarian just wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to take my health to the next level and kick it off with a juice cleanse. I called up Angelina, who invited me over, made a days worth of juice for me, and sent me on my way. I was ready for my first ever one day juice cleanse.

Many people think that juice cleansing, dieting, exercising etc. is all mental. Well, it’s NOT. Your first ever detox will likely not be pleasant, particularly if you live in Southern California and have toxins swarming your body every single day. I got through work with flying colors but once I got home it really hit me. Now, I will say that a lot of it IS mental and I’m sure I made it worse on myself.. but I truly felt weak and miserable.

My head was aching. I had zero energy and I felt close to death (well, almost). I ended my day by begrudgingly drinking my dinner smoothie and going to sleep before 9. I literally dreamed about food all night.

After a week or two you begin to forget the pain and agony that you went through for 24 hours. In fact, you start to remember some of the good things about your experience.
I was crazy enough to try it again… and for 3 days this time.

Here’s where the fun began! Angelina bought me an amazing Breville juicer for my birthday, so I loaded up with fruits and veggies and got ready for my cleanse.

kristen 2I was nervous. I imagined 3 days of headaches and grogginess. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! It had been over a month since my first cleanse and I had been eating much healthier so my body wasn’t so filled with disgusting food rotting away in my system as it was the first time.

I survived day 1 with flying colors, I hardly even noticed the hunger. I couldn’t believe it, compared to my last juice cleanse this one was a breeze so far. I didn’t even dream about pizza that night.

Day 2 came and went. I had a bit of a mental breakdown after lunch when all of my co-workers went to one of my favorite places- Miguels Jr., but I sucked it up, made my favorite green tea and got through it, still headache free and more energy than ever.

kristen 3Typically, once I get home from work it’s a miracle if I can make it to the gym or make lunch for the next day. But on day 2 I went to work out, cleaned my room, washed all of the dishes, did a few loads of laundry AND still had energy to burn. Not an easy feat for someone who is known as an avid napper.

Now, day 3 is where I truly surprised myself. My sister Marcella is a photographer and was asked by Pura Vida Bracelets to shoot some photos of their product! Amazing, right?
Well, guess who she picked as one of her models… yours truly. So not only did we hike up to a waterfall, we hiked up Mt. Rubidoux. That’s right… day three of juice cleansing and I hiked two mountains. My energy was flying high as I was literally jumping from rock to rock. kristen 4I felt so great after my cleanse and even lost a few pounds, I can’t wait to try another and really hope I have encouraged someone who has never tried a juice cleanse to give it a try! I can’t promise that your first one will be easy (especially if you’re as overdramatic about life as I am) but I can promise that it’s a great and worthwhile experience..

kristen 5Happy juicing everyone!

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