European Adventure: Paris Day 1

I am going to break up the posts about Paris, because there was just so much to see and do. I appreciate if you have hung in for these travel posts. I know it can be tedious and I go back and forth between wondering if I am babbling and realizing how much I am leaving out.

To get to Paris, we left early in the morning from Beaune, to drive to Dijon, drop off our rental car and take a train to Paris.


I was SO excited, and anxious for Paris. We would be there the longest of all cities in our trip, 5 days, and yet even in that time, I knew I would not be able to see everything I wanted. I was also nervous about the pace we would be keeping.

Plainly speaking: I was tired. We had been traveling for over two weeks at this point and although I was having an amazing time, I was craving a day to relax and not worry about if we would make a certain train time, would my backpack would hang in there for another day, did I pronounce thank-you and please correctly in another language and did I make sure to take pictures of that amazing thing that I may never see again. Traveling does take it’s toll after awhile and although I was a long way from wanting to go home, I did want to slow down a bit.

Paris would be the exact opposite of that. It was an energetic city with so much to see. Luckily, I was revitalized by the life from the city and it kept me going for the next 5 days, with some bouts of exhaustion, here and there.

We arrived in Paris and immediately purchased the Paris pass from the train station. Our guru Rick Steve’s recommended it, and I definitely concur. It got us access to most of the sites we visited and public transportation. It ended up being much cheaper to purchase the pass, as opposed to purchasing all these things separately.

From the train station, we took the metro and found our next apartment pretty easily. This apartment was the smallest of the whole trip. It was a small studio, all one room. There were bunk beds, which my husband I slept on the bottom, and our friends slept on the top. There was a small, pullout bed that came out of the wall, where my step-son slept. As small as it was, it was perfect for what we needed. It was affordable and centrally located, and we knew we would hardly be in the apartment. Plus, we had a small view of Eiffel Tower from our balcony, see it way over in the left corner?


Steps away from our apartment building, we found a Mediterranean restaurant. I was SO happy to see this sign. Food options in Paris were definitely looking up and I quickly devoured this flavorful falafel wrap. We may or may not have eaten one nearly each day we were in Paris.

IMG_2021 IMG_2023

Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, after dropping off our bags at our apartment, we headed right to it. We had to walk a few miles, but eventually we found it and took a billion pictures.

IMG_2052 100_2692

After the Eiffel Tower, we headed in the direction of The Champs Elysee, where my husband history nerded out over seeing The Arc of Triomphe.

100_2704 IMG_2038

We literally skipped down The Champs Elysee like a bunch of tourist a holes and stopped for some overpriced, watered down drinks, but we just HAD to stop and sit on The Champs Elysee, for awhile. It was bustling and vibrant and a great opportunity for people watching.

100_2706 100_2712

We walked all the way down The Champs Elysee and ended up at Tuileres gardens. We planted in a café within the gardens that was located right next to a playground. Jackpot. We appreciated the opportunity to rest our feet and drink a beer, and my step-son appreciated the opportunity to play with other children. I am certain he was tired of traveling exclusively with adults, at this point.

100_2732 100_2735

Chips + guac in Paris. Heck yes!

Chips + guac in Paris. Heck yes!

Eventually, our hunger got the best of us, and we tried to figure out how to navigate the metro back to our apartment.


We knew we wanted to eat at the Indian food restaurant that was literally on the corner, from our building. I hungrily dug into fresh naan, spiced rice and curried lentils. Deeeeeeelicious.

IMG_2048 100_2750 100_2745

After dinner, we were exhausted from our travel and all the walking. We headed back up to our apartment to get some sleep, because the next day, we had plans to be up very early.

One thought on “European Adventure: Paris Day 1

  1. I’m not tired of the travel posts!!! I love seeing places I haven’t been to yet but I also love to see other people’s experiences in places I have been. I wanted to hate Paris. I wanted to hate the Eiffel Tower. I loved it all! I can’t wait for the next part of your adventure!!

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