Healthy Cereal Bars Review-Nakd Natural Balance Food

I was contacted to by Natural Balance Food to try and review their Nakd healthy cereal bars. I am always up for free, vegan goodies and was not disappointed by their product.


I was pretty stoked when this variety pack arrived in the mail. My step-son started calling dibs on flavors and we dug in. We made it a family tasting event and shared the various flavors, each sampling all the bars. Dylan was thorough and took copious notes to document his impressions. He is pretty adamant about sticking with cursive writing. Long-live cursive!


These bars are all vegan, gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients. I loved how few ingredients each bar contained. I was thrilled to see there was no added sugar, syrups or sweetners. My favorite aspect was how simply the ingredients were stated on the packaging.


I was sent the Sampler box and fortunate to try each flavor!


Cocoa Delight-great for any chocolate-lover, it could cure those cravings for candy!

Cashew Cookie-my absolute favorite. The only ingredients were dates and cashews. A winning combination.

Berry Delight-Dylan loved this one. He is the avid berry lover in our family and this meet his standards.

Cocoa Crunch-reminded me of a healthy Nestle bar!

Pecan Pie-loooooved this flavor. According to Dylan, it “tasted like pumpkin pie.”

Apple Crunch-reminded me of apple pie. YUM.

Caffe Mocha– a little too coffee tasting for me. Dylan loved this one, and I suspect coffee lovers would, as well.

Strawberry Crunch-another of Dylan’s favorites.

Cocoa Orange-I loved the citrusy hints. Orange and chocolate are always combination.

Ginger Bread-I would have loved if this was more ginger-y, but it still has a great flavor, without being too spicy, for those who don’t appreciate that “kick” from ginger.

Rhubard & Custard-this was my husband’s favorite, but Dylan remarked it was “too tangy.”

Cocoa Mint-mint haters beware, this one is pretty minty. I personally loved it, but my husband did not.

Banana Crunch-cashews, bananas and dates harmonize beautifully!

I truly enjoyed all the bars. They were a wonderful snack that could be taken anywhere. They were low enough in calories, but high enough in nutrition to be a small, sustainable snack in between meals.


Natural Balance Food is a Britain based company, but they have FREE shipping available to the US, until January 15th, 2015. Heck yes! I definitely recommend these bars for anyone looking for a vegan, gluten-free, all natural snack.

Natural Balance Foods provided their product to me free of charge, however, all opinions are words are my own.

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