Spiritual Sisters


My friend Ed & I have teamed up and we blog at Spiritual Bahana. Ed has an interesting story, and you can check out his blog where he shares about his journey of being a homosexual Catholic. Ed & I met through a mutual friend years ago and have come to connect over our journey and search into spirituality. We both had a religious upbringing and share many similar experiences in straying off the path, and finding it again in a different manner.

After many, many, many texts, phone calls, emails and personal conversations on the topic, we decided to start Spiritual Bahana (Spiritual Sisters) to share our journey with others who also may be on a similar path with their spiritual connection. Our friendship has evolved to sisterhood, we value that connection and hope to extend it to others.

Please visit us at Spiritual Bahana, we would love to connect with you! You can also connect with us on Twitter or Instagram. 


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