I always love posts from some of my favorite bloggers where they just catch readers up on what has been going on with them lately. Here is my version…

1. I have been having so many bursts of creativity. All of a sudden, I just have a plethora of ideas I would love to put into place. I am not sure how good they are or not, but it is pretty amazing that I have been on this streak of ingenuity. I have some new ideas for my current blog design (which is desperate need of a makeover) and ideas are popping up about where to take my other blog Spiritual Bahanas, (check out the premiere of Music Monday: here ).


I also have tons of thoughts about new things to implement for work, my yoga classes and at home. It is difficult to find the time to put these all in to place, but it sure is nice to know my brain is still flowing.

2. I fear that I constantly smell like garlic and no is telling me. I cook with large amounts of garlic and cannot seem to get enough of it in my food. Yesterday, when I came home, I realized my house really smells like garlic (I used tons in the tagine dish I made. I also included; quinoa, lentils, squash, red bell pepper and carrots + tons of spices).


This made me question if this is what I smell like and I just no longer notice. I guess I should pay more attention to if people move spots away from me in yoga class or if my students scoot away from my desk, when I am talking to them.

3. I am really, really trying to train my dogs to walk appropriately on a leash (i.e.-not jump and try to bite the leash [PENNY] or pull me down the road with freak-like strength [SUZIE]). I read Cesar Milan’s book over the summer and felt ready to tackle the task ahead of me. I am wondering if he should put a disclaimer on his books: “these methods WORK for all breeds, except bulldogs,…good luck with that.” 

I am still having a very hard time with appropriate walking behaviors. I have seen small (very small) improvements, but Suzie still yanks me down the street if she sees a cat. She pulled me so hard last week, I hurt my neck trying to re-gain control and it threw me into a migraine the next day. I had to leave work early to see my chiropractor, who is well-versed in the damage those dogs have done to both my husband and I . They are lucky they are so dang cute.

15382092575_53fed50c61_oPS-so help the next person who “jokes” “whose walking who? Hahahaha“…just.stop.!!!

4. My next essential oil purchase will be Clary Sage. I have been having worse cramps than usual the last couple of months, and found that this may help. Has anyone else every used it before? I would be interested to hear feed back.

Well, that’s what has been going on in my life. Tell me something that has been going on with you.




I’m super, thanks for asking

Hi, I’m Angie. I am a smelly, tree hugging vegan. I do not want to throw paint on your fur coat. I just love animals and have ethical, health and gag reflux reasons why I do not eat them. I have found many benefits from living this way and hope to share those on this little blog.

tree hugger

I love bulldogs and books. I have 2 American bulldogs named Suzie & Penny and an embarrassing amount of books in my to-read pile. I really try to remember the size of that pile every time I feel the urge to buy a new book, which is almost daily. True story.


I live in Southern California with my little family. I want to be an amazing yogi, hiker of the entire PCT trail and a fast, marathon runner. All of those goals are pretty far out of reach now, I seem to collect injuries like troll dolls. My most challenging, current goal is learning PATIENCE and working with my limitations, but not letting them define me. It’s hard.

I hope to travel the whole world. My feet have already felt the earth of 2 other continents (Europe & Africa) and I have a trip to China planned in March. I seem to always be planning my next trip and will never stop.

I like roller skating, karaoke, yoga, hiking, The Rocky Horror Picture show, tie dye, green tea and bright nail polish. Let’s be friends.