Off to Shanghai

When my best friend Jose told me that he was moving to Shanghai to teach English, I was in denial that he would be gone. I could not believe he would be so far away from me and that I would go at least one year without seeing him.

Once the reality of the situation set in, I stopped being selfish and started being excited for my friend as he pursued his dream and a new chapter of his life. I then got selfish again and opportunistic, because I knew I would not pass up the opportunity to visit China.

Today I am flying 14 hours non-stop to Shanghai and will finally be reunited with my bestie! It’s going to look something like this, just much louder:

I cannot wait to explore the city! Jose is going to be our tour guide and has a few things lined up for us to see. I will be gone for a little over 1 week and will bring back tons of pictures to share.

I am not sure how much internet access I will have, but feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I will try to update when possible.

I have some posts scheduled while I am gone, including a *special* guest post, so please keep checking back.

Look at Shanghai! This duo will be together again, at last.

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