A Weekend of Trail Runs: Joshua Tree & Sheriff’s 10K

This weekend started off with purchasing new trail running shoes. After I discovered my passion for trail running, I knew I would want to incorporate it into my training more often. I tried on and loved the Nike Pegasus. They made quite a difference! Last time, I ran in my boots, which were heavy and inflexible. These shoes were light but have amazing traction. I felt quickly that I could trust them and was soon dodging branches and jumping over rocks in them.

trail shoes

We started off the weekend at Joshua Tree National Park, and ran about 9 miles. We originally had another trail in mind, but there was a storm this past week that brought quite a bit of snow, so we decided to head to the desert instead.

joshua tree joshua tree

The views were amazing. I cranked up my new playlist and let myself get lost in the landscape around me.

This trail had plenty of hills and was a great challenge. I am absolutely hooked on trail running!

trail run trail run

On the way home, we stopped at Native Foods Cafe in Palm Springs. It is an all vegan restaurant with an amazing selection and I have yet to taste anything there that I do not absolutely love. We started with beers and Native wings.

native foods native foods

I ordered the vegan meatball sub & my love ordered the vegan steak sandwich. Both were delicious after our grueling run.

native foods native foods

On Sunday, we were invited to do the Sheriff’s 10K trail run with some friends.

The course started off right away with an intense hill and they kept increasing thereafter. This was one of the steepest ones (but still not the largest). They became completely impossible to run and we ended up briskly walking up most.

sheriffs run

Even the downhill portions were intense. They were so steep and it was hard to make up time on them. I felt like I was going to slide completely down the hills.

sheriffs run

There was a portion around 4.5 miles that finally flattened out. I felt good enough to gain some speed for a while, but the hills soon returned.

8544740317_ea4dbca79f_o 8545837452_c90778c246_o

Check out the elevation chart:

elevation chart

We finished in 1:23, not a great 10K time, but not too bad for all the hills and walking.

8544748547_62c1cb862c_o 8545848660_fb0f5be021_o

After the race, we went to Oscar’s Mexican Restaurant.

We started off with micheladas!


I ordered the beans and potatoes with a side of avocado and corn tortillas. One of my favorite things about Oscar’s is that they carry soyrizo! My love ordered the soyrizo and potato burrito.

8546066196_bf5a567d17_o 8544967649_87e5a2bcec_o

Hopefully, the weather permits for our next trail run to be in the mountains!

Trail Run

I was hit by the desire to get out into nature this weekend and go for a long hike. I also needed to get in an 8 miler run for my half-marathon training schedule. I decided to combine the 2 and go out for a trail run.

I have not had much experience with trail runs before, aside for 3 or 4 milers when I have been camping. I heard that they could be more strenuous and I was looking forward to the challenge.

We decided to go to a trail we had never gone to before. It was near Mt. Baldy off Brackett-Stoddard Rd. It was a 12 miler total, I decided to run 8 of it and hike the rest.

8505731984_3a0a3bf577_o 8504636745_3fe133418c_o

The wind was blowing like crazy in Southern California, but once we got started, it was not too bad, only on certain open sections of the trail.

The trail was wide, for the most part, which made for easy running. However, there were more harrowing sections that were icy or overgrown and we had to stop and walk.

8504622183_0907318cdb_o 8505728572_47c76dc6fc_o

8504627233_7f5d8c0d57_o 8504634309_f73b9cbff8_o

The elevation gain was pretty intense. We had our fair share of uphill sections. This definitely slowed our pace down, but I was glad to get the hills in as our race is packed with them!


At the 6 mile turn around spot, we stopped to refuel. I made peanut butter and banana sandwiches on cinnamon raisin bread, along with chugging coconut water (I was pretty famished).


I did find it hard to start again after eating and sitting down to rest. This signals in my brain that my run is done! I walked for about 2.5 miles before starting to run again. I knew I did not want to run the whole 12 miles anyways, so it was a good time to take part of the walking break.

I think I found a new passion. Trail running was amazing. I felt so free and peaceful. The normal distractions of road running were not missed. I did not have to watch for cars, wait at crosswalks or ignore unwarranted things yelled at me from car windows (creepasaurouses!) I was able to feel the meditative effects of being in nature and still get my miles in. Plus, the views were amazing.

8504625051_8f1b20ca9e_o 8504626145_b0ae52fb41_o 8504627913_c1989f468e_o

Trail running was definitely more difficult. The terrain is much more diverse, plus elevation gains and losses are more severe. I also had to constantly dodge rocks, tree branches, etc. However, the added challenge only added to the thrill. I absolutely see more trail runs in my future.

After the 12 miler, I was ready to eat!! We headed to one of my favorite vegan eateries, The Loving Hut, where I immediately ordered appetizers (vegan cheese sticks & vegan wings) and fresh juice (apple, beet, carrot & lime).

8504642657_c007864833_o 8504639873_9e48ef56c4_o

For my entree, I chose something I had been craving all week, the Pan Seared Shanghai style Dumplings. My love ordered the Oriental Wonton soup, which is big enough to fill you up.


For dessert, we split chocolate cheesecake.


It was a pretty amazing day. Trails, challenges and food. There is not much more that I need.