Summer Plans

I have a few trips planned for this summer, any recommendations or tips would be much appreciated!

1. New Orleans-June 12-16 Today I leave for New Orleans. I have never been to any states in the South and I am very excited about seeing all the charm and history. If you have any recommendations about what to see or do, please pass them along.


2. Backpacking through Shepherd’s Pass-June 20-23 Just a few days after returning from NOLA, we will be driving up to Inyo National Park and backpacking our way through Shepherd’s Pass.

I am still fairly a beginner to backpacking, I have only done two other trips (through the Rocky Mountains and to the bottom of the Grand Canyon). I am feeling the typical anxieties about the unknowns of the trail, the rigors and discomforts. From what I have been reading, the trail will definitely be crossing some streams and I will need to jump from rock to rock with a heavy pack on. This seems to be the thing I have the MOST difficulty with and causes me trepidation and worry.

I found this great recap of the trail, and some amazing pictures. I know the views and experience will be worth it and I am eager to conquer my anxieties and fears.

Any tips for a beginning backpacker, or someone who is terrified of stream crossings, heights, climbing, etc.?

Portland, Oregon-July 1-6

I have been wanting to visit Portland for a while now. I am most looking forward to all the vegan food options and free-spirited environment.

Any recommendations on places to eat or places to visit?

What are your summer plans?