Run Through Redlands Playlist

On Sunday, I will be running The Run Through Redlands half marathon. This is definitely a rough time for the running community and it is hard not to think or be affected by what happened in Boston earlier this week.

Runners quickly become like family. I could have never made it through my first marathon without my running group that I trained with. There have been countless times that I have struggled during a run, but gotten a boost from a fellow runner, spectator or volunteer. The amount of positive energy that flows around races has strengthened my belief in humanity. I am definitely heavy hearted about my running family in Boston and send them all my love and positive vibes.


Boston will definitely be on my mind on Sunday.

In order to get pumped for this race, I made a new playlist to power me through. This play list is over 2 hours long. I anticipate finishing it in about 2:20. Click on the image below to see the playlist:

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 9.10.48 AM

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