I first started juicing when I did the Crazy Sexy Diet: 21 Day Adventure Cleanse. Kris Carr turned me into a juicing maniac. I love the boost and shot of wellness that juice gives me. It’s like a vitamin shot and I have come to crave the fresh tasting vibrancy of a huge glass of juice.

I have done a few juice cleanses and you can read about my 2 day cleanse, 3 day cleanse, 5 day cleanse and 7 day cleanse. I have also done a 10 day cleanse, that I did not post about. You can read about why I juice cleanse here.

I now do a 1 day juice cleanse, every Monday. I find this a nice way to start off the week and maintain a very light and accessible detox. Some of my favorite recipes can be found here.

If you have any questions about juicing, I am happy to share my experiences. Please remember, I am not a medical professional. Before thinking about a juice cleanse, do your research and be intuitive about what your body needs. Consult a professional, when necessary.

Great resources:


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