Galvan’s Gourmet Vegan Eatery

I am deliriously excited that there is a new vegan food stand, at Redland’s Market Night.


Galvan’s Gourmet Vegan Eatery is serving up gourmet style, vegan hot dogs. All the exclamation points (!!!!!!!!).

15037397208_1b2dc6cf5a_oI am at this farmer’s market almost weekly to buy my produce. Thursdays are busy days. After work, and my step-son’s soccer practice, we stop by market night to pick up our produce and now we can pick up dinner. The selections were overwhelmingly mouth watering.

15200952026_59ab67975c_oIt was a tough decision, but I decided on the Double Dog with grilled onions and “cheeze” sauce.


My husband ordered the Boss Dog, which comes with a little bit of everything (grilled onions, grilled peppers, “cheeze” sauce, “chile” beans and their amazing pesto aoli.)

15037389588_a152e5151c_o The condiment bar is impressive. It goes beyond the simple ketchup and mustard selection to include spicy mustard, sriracha, pesto aoli, crunchy onions and fake bacon bits.

15200949776_167f2332bd_o We loaded up our dogs and got right down to business. Galvan’s uses Field Roast Frankfurters and generously put multiple dogs, halved, into the bun. It was densely delicious.

My dog was perfect. It was flavorful with smoky elements from the onions and creaminess from the cheeze sauce. It topped it off with spicy mustard, ketchup and fake bacon bits and set off to eating like a well-mannered, delicate lady.

15223605232_43ce5a1239_o I definitely needed a fork towards the end to scoop up all the messy goodness.

I sat on steps behind the stand and was pleased to see a steady line of customers. I would love it if all those customers were local vegans waiting to be my friend, but I think I am even more excited to know they were probably omnivores, experiencing amazing, vegan cuisine. It warms my vegan heart to see a cruelty-free business open to spread the message of how decadent food can be, without any harm caused to our animal friends.

I cannot recommend Galvan’s enough. If you are local, stop by for a treat. Or, maybe make a trip out to quaint Redlands, enjoy the farmer’s market and grab yourself a vegan delight. You can also “like” them on Facebook or follow on Instagram.

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