Almond Joy Butter

When I saw this simple, yet tasty recipe posted on Minimalist Baker, I practically drooled all over my screen.  I am usually a take or leave it gal, when it comes to sweets, my weakness generally lies in salty, fried foods, but there is something about nut butters *inner 7th grader giggling* that diminishes my portion control.

I have a sordid history with Nutella. I may or may not have spent some evenings at home with only a spoon and a Nutella jar for dinner. I am not proud of this.



Once I transitioned to veganism, Nutella was, thankfully, off-limits. Since I practice little in the self-control Nutella region, I was glad to have the restriction.

Then, I found Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. Once again, the spoon came out, along with my lack of self-control. I am try not to let this find it’s way into my shopping cart any longer.

Despite my tainted past, I had to try this recipe. It sounded too easy and tasty not to.

Funny side story: I mis-read the ingredient list while I was making my shopping list. I read 15 ounces of chocolate, instead of 1.5. I ended buying a HUGE chocolate bar. I feel like August Gloop and have tons of chocolate leftover. Somehow, I am trying to convince myself this is a bad thing.

august save some room for later

This is the final product. It tasted a little too roasted. I think next time, I will not roast the almonds as long, or at all. It is still delicious. Anything with chocolate and coconut generally is. The rest of my household also loved it, and we will probably be having apples + almond joy butter for dessert all week.

almond joy butter

4 thoughts on “Almond Joy Butter

  1. I don’t care for Nutella but I live in the country that gave birth to speculaas (as they’re called here) cookies. I’ve shamefully eaten an entire package, alone, in one sitting…more than once. I have thus far successfully avoided buying the paste because I know it will result in the me+spoon+jar for dinner scenario. The almond joy butter sounds fabulous but I’m afraid I’d suffer the same fate so maybe I’ll wait until I have visitors to share it with!

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