30th Gatsby Birthday

I had a Gatsby-themed gala to kick off my 30s. It was a grand time! Pretty much everyone dressed up and I had an amazing time with my family and friends. Here are a few of my favorite shots: (all cigarettes featured are fake!)


Some of the appetizers. We actually had some party platters from Native Foods, but we attacked those so fast, I did not get pictures 😦100_1258 My Gatsby get-up: 100_1261

Some of the decor:100_1280

My mom and siblings:1474544_10151872706022423_1087588676_n

My bestie:1441590_10151872706162423_305202971_n 9013_10151872706622423_1098375882_n

It was requested that I re-enact a scene I did for “Night at the Improv”, when I was in drama class, in high school. It was the “No Wire Hangers” scene from Mommy Dearest. My poor sister was subjected to a fake beating over and over again. Luckily, she was up for another showing. We are a strange family.1460245_10151872709542423_991100967_n 1464671_10151872709592423_1323265997_n

My love & I:1463089_10151872708652423_1700861153_n

A few of my cousins:1395131_10151872708377423_1672505759_n

The amazing shirt my sister bought me!1426640_10151872708147423_1638133213_n

My new fancy, fun and amazing yoga mat, from my siblings:1476300_10151872708082423_1117372072_n

Gatsby shenanigans: 995543_10151872707492423_14314408_n

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