LA Vegan Beer Fest 2014

This weekend I went to my version of heaven, the LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest.

14229803013_34284f8c06_oThere was SO much delicious food and tons of beer tasting, plus, so many of my favorite people, in one place. It really does not get much better than that.

Here is a quick summary of the day:

14229790733_42bed46bf9_o 14229794253_62b0a6f46c_o 14022999260_f4f2e56049_o14022971008_41240db30e_o

And here is the longer version:

We arrived early with the intention to PACE ourselves. Last year, I made the mistake of getting way too excited and eating and drinking way too much, too fast. I was quickly full, tipsy and ready for a nap. This year, I paced myself much better and enjoyed myself much more.

The first food we went for was the grilled mac and cheese from The Grilled Cheese Truck. I had been drooling over this since I saw it posted on Instagram, a few days before! It was genius. I may need to try to recreate this at home.

14186718206_8f0630bf2e_oNext, up was a taco from Mama Tamales. The hot red sauce was the perfect addition.14209709724_b5a549621b_o

Up next was the dish I had been dreaming of since last year’s event; Seabird‘s beer battered avocado tacos. The avocados are the perfect texture; crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. The toppings are flavorful and the perfect complimentary crunch.


At this point, we started to slow down and enjoyed walking around and spotting fellow vegans. I was jazzed to spot two of my favorite authors/bloggers Jennifer Chen and Elizabeth Castoria (I just finished her new book, How To Be Vegan last week, and it rocks!). They were incredibly nice and willing to indulge me:

14209487504_5edaef7569_o I also spotted some of my buddies from my Vegan Meet Up group. It was so nice to see familiar faces. Vegans are truly some of the friendly and cutest people around, it’s a fact.14022965228_a075187b0b_o

At this point, we were ready for something sweet and Pepples Donuts was the perfect answer. I enjoyed the lemon donut. It was creamy, with a wonderful, fresh burst from the lemon.


We then spotted one of our favorites: Doomies. They were serving up one of their secret menu items: vegan Big Macs! The line was insanely long and we had to wait 35 minutes. The Big Macs were priced at an outrageous $12 each. Yet, I regret nothing. Nothing!



It also helped that Doomies was positioned right next to Follow Your Heart’s booth and they gave out free grilled cheese samples, while we waited.


It was totally worth it! 14209632595_4084ec56b3_o

As the day went on, the heat increased. It was in the high 80s and I was ready for a cold treat. Kind Kreme delivered with pina colada ice cream and fresh strawberry juice. These blasts of cold air helped, too.

14206547951_c335ec5ce4_o 14206343601_91e0bf40f8_o

Next, we bought some treats  we had been eyeing from Bramble’s. The peanut butter cup was divine.


Alas, we could not leave without a little more Mexican food. We had the nachos from Gracias Madre and amazing, carnitas tacos from Guru Tacos, with fresh jamaica.

The chips had a wonderful spice mix on them, that reminded me of Doritos. It was a beautiful combination and the cashew cream made for the perfect topping.

14023013660_b191714c8d_oI will be dreaming of these tacos. They were simply amazing, and if I wasn’t ready to burst, I would have bought more.

14207185822_4178eb7d72_o 14207186722_991ed9bb82_o

It was a sad, sad time when we realized we were way too full to eat anymore. We sipped water, enjoyed the bands and eventually, rolled ourselves back home.

The event was absolutely amazing. I will definitely be back next year!



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